This standalone webapp is a browserification of the very excellent bitcoin transaction tool

For the convert and decode features this tool is always a standalone one inside browsers that you can use offline

Same applies for the advanced mode, nothing is sent outside

Offline means: even if the tool is a standalone one inside browsers and does not send/query anything outside, it is still highly advised to disconnect from the network when you are using your private keys (unplug the network cable, disconnect from the wifi, etc), the tool will tell you if you are not offline (don't rely on other stupid means like browsing this page from your disk, this is insecure)

Warning, for the non advanced mode the tool connects outside to retrieve your parameters, which means that the information are sent to the bitcoin transaction tool via https, which is still more secure than nothing, we don't record anything but please think about it when you use your private keys

Donation address: BTC 19LgEmzSvD1oCr1QxT2dgmF5SSnh1aq94j, or equivalent one with other coins, see the conversion tool below

Should this tool be funded 5 BTC the dev fees will be removed and the code will become open source, other features might be added on demand (private keys conversion, deterministic wallets, multisig n of m>4, smart contracts, etc)

For the non advanced mode (automatic retrieval of coins information) this tool is using

For any question, bug report or support please email contact peersm com or post an issue on github

Copyright © 2018 Aymeric Vitte - Dev fees are 6.5% and 12.5% for segwit BTCP

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If it does not match refresh the page and try again, if it still does not match then just stop here and advise

Drop this check button in your browser's personal bar for future uses

This is much more secure than loading it each time and you can check the tool code from a secure button

See Custom buttons as an example, if you are curious you can play a bit with this previous project of us too

Non advanced mode - click to change
Supported coins: See
Convert address (bech32 and others)
Decode redeem script

Transaction id-Network fees or Error

Command to enter with the bitcoin-transactions tool

Transaction body to paste in an explorer

Complete transaction to send to a node

Transaction details