This is a demo beta version, since the underlying project node-Tor is between two phases, it has been temporarily disabled

Wait that circuits are established, "P2P and web anonymized circuits" will become green and advertise the number of circuits created

Then enter an url (http only, https is coming but the intent of this demo is not to browse) or a hash_name

For example or 6faddcd7f92ce3111cdf55f493ac66b0bdbaebdb or 30e7cb0ebe6140717966f4c677659f6a32f1db45

If nothing happens (progress bar empty) click on the progress bar to stop the process and try again

The "hash_name" is the one you see when you click on a file ("Properties" section) that you have downloaded from other peers or uploaded from your disk


Downloaded Files

Local Files

Save key debug