By paying the below fees you will get a private link to retrieve torrent-live's dynamic blocklist for one year.

The blocklist is a usual .p2p file containing the IP addresses of the spies to block.

It comes from the study Monitoring and blocking the bittorrent monitoring spies

See also: How is the dynamic blocklist created/maintained?

And the FAQs

Note that you can create free of charge your own blocklist using the "findspiesonly" option of the open source torrent-live but the level of protection will depend on your processing capabilities

You should configure your bittorrent client to use this link only for the IPs to be blocked with a period of one or two hours.

If your bittorrent client does not support blocklists then you can use Peerblock (but don't use the iblocklists, enter the URL of the dynamic blocklist and remove all other lists)

IMPORTANT: you cannot retrieve the dynamic blocklist more than once per hour (except the first 12 hours after your order to perform your settings), if not you will get an empty file and will not be protected any longer until the next hour, as a corollary you should therefore keep secret your private link to retrieve the blocklist and not disclose it to anybody, as well as setting a period superior to one hour to retrieve the blocklist.

Buy the access to the dynamic blocklist for one year for 10 € or the equivalent in bitcoins at current exchange rate (please email us if you want to use another currency than bitcoin)
You will contribute to other privacy oriented projects like Peersm and Torrent-live

Paypal: after your payment (if you don't have a Paypal account, just put dummy information on Paypal and pay by card), click on the redirect link to Peersm site on Paypal, this will open the link to the dynamic blocklist, this is your private link to access the dynamic blocklist.
Be sure to save the link from the URL bar somewhere, we don't keep any information about you so we might have difficulties to provide the link back if you miss it

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