A list of 10 Million passwords and usernames has been released by researcher Mark Burnett under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and can be torrented by anybody.

Unfortunately, despite of all the precautions taken to clean the list, hide the identities of people and hide the accounts domains, it's not difficult to find people's identities, correlate the data to guess the domains and find some live accounts in this list.

After having checked that we were not in this list, we tried to combine by curiosity some usernames/passwords/domains, and it did not take us long to find some live accounts.

Read more to understand why you should check if you are in this list...

WARNING: we don't record anything but while using this tool NEVER give your complete username or password, just pass a part of it to check if you find some matches in the results, and make sure that nobody can correlate anything between the check of an username and/or a password.

Example: if you password or username is 'FindMyAss', try something like 'ndMy' or 'indM'

Search is case sensitive, for security and legal reasons the tool will not return to you a list of usernames and passwords but the number of matches according to your query:

Matches: 1 username and 1 password

Some free tools exist but the searches are more limited, less precise and they include some tracking stuff, you can use them at your own risks.

Sample of the tool:

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